Trust the skilled nursing care of a top-notch rehabilitation facility – it’s there when you need it!

We’re very proud of our Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion; it’s quite a resource to our community. Whether you are a resident of Friendship Manor or not, you have access to the healthcare services available throughout our facility. In fact, 80% of those who seek treatment through the Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion return to their homes in the community at large.

A fully licensed, 94-bed skilled nursing and rehab facility, it’s conveniently close to all of our residents right here on-site. Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion is professionally staffed with Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, and they’re on duty around the clock – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion offers long- and short-term care as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, and our staff-to-patient ratio is higher than the minimum requirement the State of Illinois recommends. We accept a wide variety of insurance plans, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, Health Alliance, United Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid – and we’re adding insurance plans as we can. Please see how we can help you by contacting at 309-236-1348.

The convenience can’t be beat! To visit a friend or loved one, our residents simply walk to the Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion from within Friendship Manor, instead of having to drive across town. Our inpatient and outpatient options also give our residents the ultimate in flexibility, having such a treatment facility so near. We also provide outpatient services to the community at large.

Feeding both body and soul, our residents enjoy delicious and nutritious cuisine when they stay at the Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion. It's all prepared by very talented culinary professionals and served by an efficient and courteous wait staff. Unlike some places that serve just soup and sandwiches once a day, our residents enjoy three hot meals every day.

For the ultimate in peace of mind, it’s significant to know that Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion is both Medicare and Medicaid certified. The Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion adds to the overall feeling of security and ‘hominess’ one enjoys here at Friendship Manor.

Our "hominess" isn't just a window dressing, though. Serving as the centerpiece of the cheerful and comforting Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion is a top-notch skilled nursing and rehabilitation staff that provides significant physical therapy programs. We offer solutions for individuals recovering from stroke, injury or surgery or those who are in need of short-term programs to help them get back to their productive lives. You can also rest assured, knowing our services cover subacute care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and palliative care.

Our respite care factors in not only the resident of Friendship Manor but how their care affects their family and caregivers. According to national non-profit, seeking support and maintaining one’s own health are key to managing the care giving years. Using respite care before you become exhausted, isolated, or overwhelmed is ideal, but just anticipating regular relief can become a lifesaver.

Respite can take many forms, but boils down to two basic ideas: sharing the responsibility for care giving and getting support for you. Finding the right balance requires persistence, patience, and preparation.

Planning your relief starts with analyzing needs…both yours and your loved one’s. As a caregiver, is support what you need most? Some free time? Help with transportation? Keep track of your daily activities then make a list of the areas and times when you most need help. Identifying your loved one’s requirements, abilities, and preferences will also help you find the right match. Are social activities primary? Assistance with walking, eating or medications? Mental stimulation? Exercise? Answering these questions will help you determine which respite options to pursue.

Assessing your needs for the type, skills, frequency and location of respite services is critical to your success.

NOTE: All entrance fees, monthly maintenance charges, routine service charges and nursing care charge for residents in the Silver Cross Health & Rehabilitation Pavilion may be waived in full, reduced in part, or liability for payment postponed based upon the individual’s inability to pay. No individual shall be denied residence or have such residence in Silver Cross terminated solely on the inability to pay. Any individual that requests that fees be waived, reduced or postponed may be required by Friendship Manor to apply for such assistance from state or federal agencies for which the individual may be eligible.

"Show respect to the elderly, and honor older people. In this way you show respect for your God." Leviticus 19:32