Regain and retain your wellness through our first-rate on-site Physical Therapy Department.

We have the physical therapy staff and equipment available to help you regain and maintain wellness! Beyond the expertise and personal skills our physical therapists bring to the job, Friendship Manor’s Rehab and Therapy Department features key equipment designed to make your program easier and more effective.

Our non-invasive Anodyne® machine helps treat chronic pain and increases circulation. Strength and range of motion can improve dramatically through a programmed course of physical therapy using our NuStep® exercise equipment. Our physical therapists can also help reduce pain, improve soft tissue healing and reduce muscle spasms with the use of our E-stim unit.  

Your ability to maintain balance is determined by a complex combination of visual cues, muscular strength and response as well as your balance center in your middle ear. The Biodex Balance System can help determine the proper exercise program to help you “learn” to maintain your balance.

What’s great is that you can choose Friendship Manor for physical therapy, even if you had surgery or received primary care somewhere else. Outpatient programs are available for residents and non-residents alike. What’s more, if you need inpatient therapies, you won’t need to drive all the way across town! You can easily access the Silver Cross Pavilion on site. You are also able to participate in our physical therapy options, even if you don’t live within our community. We treat the community at large – both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy programs are available. Just ask us how we can help you.

Physical therapy: The practice of geriatrics requires a specific level of attention and care. At Friendship Manor, we have made it our priority to ensure your health and comfort. Orthopedic rehab, including joint replacement, post-fracture, post-surgical/trauma, arthritis, sprain/strains, and degenerative joint disease; Neurological rehab from stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, etc; pain relief/control; and other specialty programs are all within our scope of qualifications.

Occupational therapy: Self-care training; community re-entry training; upper extremity orthopedic rehab; low vision training, Isokinetic testing, non-invasive Anodyne®, E-Stim, NuStep® equipment and more.

Speech/language pathology: Swallowing deficits; communication training; expressive and receptive language training; voice therapy and cognitive training are but a few of the options available.

Ask how insurance, like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Medicare or Medicaid may offset the monthly fees for Silver Cross Health and Rehabilitation Pavilion health services by filling out our contact us form or by calling us at 309-786-9667.